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Intentional Creativity As A Key To Success

Once random Internet users surf the web, they can be impressed by the ‘creativity’ of a particular web design just in seconds. Thus, the primary task for website designers is to do their best so that their site will stand out of the crowd. Yet, most of the web users pay attention only to the visual component, including colors, patterns, and fonts used. The truth is that the real creativity lies far deeper than producing the unique image. The main intention of this creativity is to lead to the result. All the greatest agencies nowadays are eager to get that intentional creativity in the design of their site.

Your Goal Is Our Goal

Going ‘pretty’ isn’t our primary aim, says Tatiana, the managing director of Tatiana Designs,  a web design and development company. We always have a strict focus in the design process. We do not stick to the approach ‘Well, we are to build the website, so we should make it as pretty as possible’.

Our main focus equals your goal. As website designers, we search for such a solution that will help your customers to find what you want them to find as soon as possible. With the help of the well-created website, we can even make your customers do what you want them to do.

Look For The Strategic Perspective

Website designers can easily work out the viable creative solutions once the clients have a developed strategy. It is important to know and understand the context for the website, says Josh Kelly, the managing partner and chief strategist of FINE (a digital agency with offices in San Francisco, Portland, and Traverse City). He claims that from a business goal perspective, there is a thing which may help you to reach out to your clients and understand how they are going to use and interact with your site.

This thing is understanding how not only the website but your whole digital process is going to work.
Except for understanding the context of your website, there is another crucial point for the website designers to know how to create the most efficient website. What you also need is to elaborate the message that you will use for persuading people to either stay or become the customers. The main trick here is to look at the website from the client’s perspective.

Obviously, any website needs to look attractive so that it will not disturb the clients with inappropriate design or color choice. But once again, the real mastery of creating a site goes far beyond playing with the color palette. Functionality and intentional creativity are the main principles of the successful web design company.

Behind The Curtain

For better understanding the importance of that intentional creativity, you should have a look behind the scenes of the website designing. Let’s say that you are developing an e-commerce site. Believe it or not, this needs more than just showing off the products. Of course, the aesthetic component is critical to making the item desirable for the customer. Nonetheless, this is followed by a whole chain of actions. First, the customer inserts the data for a payment transaction. Then, this data is sent to the fulfillment system. At last, the customer gets the confirmation.

These three steps, as a rule, require the direct connection with various tools including enterprise resource planning solution or customer relationship management software. And don’t forget that this all is processed in a few minutes, or even faster. Now imagine that system to be messed up. We can guarantee that no such visual format will save such website from the fiasco.

Be Careful With Your First Impression

An important thing for businesses to understand is that when they are searching for a web design company, at first they will only get the portfolio. It is just the tip of the iceberg, as you already know. The problem is that portfolio demonstrates only the visual component of the finished product. There is often no mention of the compound integrations that go into delivering relevant content, managing membership sites, the steps involved in e-commerce transactions, etc.

That is why sometimes it may be hard to get the price list for the website development – all you see is a beautiful picture. You can get the same ‘picture’ at a ridiculous price, without a doubt. But mind that such website will certainly lack all the essential functionality.

It is natural for website designers to concentrate on things that are creative and artistic. The bar that can help you to judge the skill of a designer is the ability to communicate the message through the visual tools. But what is more important, is applying this expertise to the project as a whole. Focusing on the visual component exclusively is the road to inevitable failure. Intentional creativity is the thing that separates ordinary web designers from the excellent ones. And that is your key to success.

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