Want To Get New Instagram Followers? Add Some Of These Hashtags!

Want To Get New Instagram Followers? Add Some Of These Hashtags!

Instagram is no longer the social network just for individuals. More and more businesses and organizations are using it widely to boost their sales and overall traffic.

Yet, mastering Instagram is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. To conquer Instagram, you should first conquer the hashtags. The correct use of hashtags can actually increase the number of likes and followers. But don’t worry if hashtags seem gibberish to you! We’ve got a list of the most popular Instagram hashtags so that you will be able to find out their real power.


Just as the Beatles told us, ‘All You Need Is Love’. No wonder that the most beautiful feeling in the world has got the first place in our chart. Don’t be shy to share all your emotions via #happy #fun #smile and others.


Since Instagram started as a platform for sharing personal thoughts and experience, it’s pretty clear why #me takes the second place in the list together with #selfie.


It stands for ‘Throwback Thursday’. This one is often used by people when they want to share some of their photos from the past. Try to be inventive and use it for your business, too!


As far as photos are the core of the Instagram, people are always looking for something that appeals to them, That’s why #cute and #beautiful are often used.


Yes, Instagram still hasn’t got over food pics. Seems that it will stay in fashion for a pretty long time. #fashion, by the way, is another hashtag to be added to your list.

Even though there are no strict rules of using hashtags, try not to overdo it. Add several in the post itself and the rest in the comments if you need more. Also, make sure your hashtags actually suit to the photo. Otherwise, the chances are high that you’ll only drive people away from your account.

Trying to emphasize their presence on this particular social media, people all over the world use the #instagood instead of just #good. The same goes for #instalike #instadaily and so on. Be careful with this type of hashtags – as it’s really easy to cross the line.

Another example of overusing hashtags is those which literally ask for attention, like #follow #followme #tagforlikes and #like4like. Unless you want your audience to think that you are super-clingy, you’d better avoid using those hashtags. Although we must admit that they may work sometimes.

Experiment with this list, add some of your own and find out what works best for you!

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