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SEO Services In Seattle: How Long Will It Take?

If you are looking for SEO services in Seattle, one of the questions you are probably asking is how long will it take for the SEO to start working.

And the answer is… it depends. It may sound rather discouraging, but there are dozens of factors which determine how much time you need. You should take into account how long your website exists and in what shape it is now, have any SEO been done before and how much content your website has. Then add a lot of other points, and you will get a clear answer. Yet, we can show you the approximate model of what will happen to your website.

Month 1 – General research, planning, elaborating keyword strategy and website audit. If research doesn’t take much time, some technical changes may actually start at this point. But sometimes, the research stage can take over a month.

Month 2 Technical SEO work. This stage includes the overhaul of the website. Depending on the complexity of the situation, it may take from one up to several months. Sometimes this stage also includes simultaneous content building. Mind that at this point, you still won’t see any results.

Month 3 – Content creation. Expanding company and product information, adding FAQs, writing articles and blogging – this part may start right after the planning stage, but the third month is the time when you may start noticing some minor changes. Don’t expect anything global at this point, though.

Month 4 Development of healthy link profile. This stage is mostly the continuation of the previous work with technical optimization and content building. It also includes cleaning up unhealthy and dead links. At this point, you will see some significant changes, but keep in mind that this is SEO still not the results you will see in the long run.

Month 5 Implementing social media. Making social media a part of your SEO strategy will help to drive more traffic to your website and, as a result, create a healthy and natural link profile. Introducing PR and other media outreach will only amplify the results you get at this point.

Month 6 – Consistent SEO work. If none of the previous steps demand more than a month, at this stage, your SEO company will concentrate on stable content creation and its promotion.

Most SEO companies will tell you that their work will take something between 4 and 6 months, and as you may see from the list above, this is quite correct. Keep in mind that SEO results grow over time. Thus, what you get in 5 or 6 months is nothing like what you will get in a year.

Once you decide to look for SEO services in Seattle, remember that it’s highly important not to stop too soon. Lots of businesses give up after 2 or 3 months, claiming they didn’t get what they’ve been waiting for. Nonetheless, you already know that it takes much more time. While you can get your first changes in 3 months, the real success will come only in 6 months and further on.


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