SEO services in Seattle

SEO Services in Seattle: What To Expect

Are you looking for SEO services in Seattle, but still don’t know what to expect? Today we will give you a brief overlook of what we do for our SEO clients.

To be short, our main task is to help you to get profit from search engines. As a rule, we do it in five steps:

  1. auditing website;
  2. primary optimization;
  3. building high-quality links;
  4. analyzing results;
  5. following the strategy.

This may help you to understand the structure of SEO. But if you want to know everything in detail, we are here to rescue you. So, here’s what all these five steps include.

Primary Research, Audit, and Analysis

Each client is different – as well as their websites. That’s why no SEO company will tell you on the spot what they are going to do with your website. Thus, what they need to do is initial research, audit, and analysis. This stage includes the following smaller steps:

  • Keyword research. At this stage, we look for keywords that will produce the best results for your website.
  • Google Analytics analysis. This tool helps to expose any positive or negative trends we need to work on.
  • Google Webmaster Tools analysis. This helps to find the potential technical issues in time.
  • Link profile analysis. Getting links to your website from low-quality sources can lead you only to a penalty from Google. Our task is to spot the threat beforehand.
  • Site audit. The audit includes various factors, like web page load speed, URL structure, internal linking, meta title and description tags, and content. We often include usability, design, and messaging, as they influence the metrics of the website as well.

Primary Optimization

The research results give us all the necessary information for initial optimization of your website as SEO services in Seattle client. At this point, we start content building and website redesign. Even if a complete redesign isn’t a must-do, your website may need a code overhaul. This will help to make it more SEO friendly. The last step of optimization is link removal and disavowal. Once Google bot spots a poor link profile with loads of low-quality inbound links, your website will get a penalty straight away. Our task is to reveal all the technical drawbacks of your website and get rid of them to protect your website.

Building High-Quality Links

High-quality is the main goal here. We’ve already told you that bad link profile is what gives you a Google penalty. Link building isn’t a one-time activity. Your website is like a garden that requires constant maintenance. And we are its gardeners. Google needs to see that your site is still relevant – and that’s why it always needs to see fresh links.

Analyzing Results SEO services

Once we’ve implemented our primary changes, we should check whether our strategy works. That’s when we need to carry out another analysis. If everything is fine, we keep on working. In another case, we need to make some adjustments. As soon as we make everything needed, it’s time for the last and the longest step.

Following the Strategy

SEO isn’t a thing that can be done in a month or so. The more you work on it, the higher profit you get. That’s why our main task isn’t just creating the strategy, but sticking to it. Make sure to stay patient and you will get the results you want.


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