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How Responsive Web Design Work

How Responsive Web Design Work

The responsive web design has grown to be a highly valuable tool for anybody enjoying digital life with the rise of tablets, smartphones, and other devices for computing around us. Individuals are embracing small screens to look through web pages.
In the process of interacting with internet and web design, in one way or the other, you must have tried to figure out of ‘What is interactive web design? Well, responsive web design refers to an approach where a designer seeks to build a web page that can resize itself or respond to screen size.

The graphics display may depend upon the device it is viewed on. It can be a laptop device, a monitor of a desktop computer, or some other devices that come with small screens, for example, tablets or smartphones.

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Definition of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is aimed at having a single site. However, with various elements capable of responding differently. Whenever it is viewed under devices of small, medium or large screen sizes. Take an example of a ‘fixed’ traditional website.

When viewed through a desktop’ computer, the site is likely to display three columns. On the other hand, if the same layout is considered by use of s small tablet. One might be compelled to scroll horizontally or vertically, something detested by most of the users.

The effect could also be complicated. Since several tablets allow viewing through portrait orientation or the landscape view. For the devices such as a smartphone with a small screen, viewing becomes even more difficult.

Nonetheless, whenever a responsive design is used on a website. A tablet version is capable of automatically changing the display into two columns. It will display your company logo the most optimal way for device screen size.
This way, content can easily be read and navigated through. From a smartphone’ the content can only appear in one column and of course, vertically stacked. Therefore, it means having a responsive design, and the website will automatically change following the device used to view it.

The responsive web design on multiple devices

Responsive website template on multiple devices

How Responsive Web Design Works


Responsive websites make use of the fluid’ grids. All elements of the page are proportionately sized instead of using pixels. Therefore, whenever you have three columns, you may not be able to tell how wide one should be. However, the wideness should relate well with other columns. The first column needs to occupy at least a half a page. The second column should occupy 30%, while the third column occupies 20%.

The media, for example, images, will be relatively resized. This future enables an image to remain on its column or the relative element of design.


Why Small Businesses Should Embrace  Responsive Web Design

A vast number of people are currently using mobile devices. According to the Pew study, at least 77% of the Americans smartphones in the year 2018, and it has increased by 35%. From the last research that was conducted in the year 2011.

Currently, the templates of responsive design are all over for buying on a situation where you’ve access to a WordPress website. You can successfully navigate through a reputable template gallery. For example, ThemeForest and be able to search for ‘responsive WordPress’ themes. Therefore, get your responsive web design and use a web developer to customize your brand and logo.

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