Seattle it’s a city with hidden charms and amazing experiences. It’s filled with beautiful landscapes as green as an emerald, no wonder it’s called the Emerald City. Its reflects in Seattle Web Design slyle as well. Whether you’re planning a vacation or thinking about moving in, you won’t regret visiting this city.

The landscapes

Do you know why Seattle is called the Emerald City? Because of the many trees and green areas in it, which are as green as an emerald. Which is something you would expect from a city surrounded by lakes and mountains like Mt. Rainer. If you’re tired of living in urban areas with buildings all around you then you fill at home when you arrive at Seattle and find these spectacular mountains watching over the city.

Yes, it rains a lot

Seattle has gotten a reputation for being a rainy city and there is a reason for it! So if you plan to stay in Seattle you need to get used to the idea of occasional rain. It gets worse when winter arrives. Seattle’s record is 44.7 inches (114 cm) of rain, which happened between April and October, making it the wettest period since 1895 according to the National Weather Service in Seattle. So pack your umbrellas and your coats if Seattle is your next stop.

It can be expensive

Another thing about Seattle is that is a very expensive city.¬†Seattle has a cost of 104% higher than the average of other U.S. cities.¬†The normal residents tend to earn an average of $67,000 a year to maintain themselves. Housing is very expensive and that’s why many lower-income residents are being priced out of Seattle. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not pursue this city.

It’s also eco-friendly

If you are trying to become a better person by reducing your carbon print and living green sounds like a great deal to you then Seattle is a great place to be! Recycling is also very common in Seattle, organic foods can be found anywhere and plastic bags are nowhere to be seen. Another fact is that is a dog-friendly city so even some employees let their employers bring their dogs to work. Seattle webdesign for animal lovers also common thing. So if you love nature and animals you won’t get enough of Seattle.

What can I do there?

Seattle is definitely a place where you won’t get bored. You can keep your schedule full of parties, outdoor activities like hiking and cool things going on all over the city (most of them are free!). Art and cultural activities will be around you all the time in Seattle.

Seattle is not for everyone! So you’ll need to analyze the pros and cons of living there. The Emerald City will always be pleasured to welcome visitors and future residents to its big lakes, green mountains, and friendly people.

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