4 Web Design Trends Of 2017

Intentional Creativity As A Key To Success

Are you looking for web design in Seattle or anywhere else in the Washington state who following web designs trends? Then you should definitely know the solutions which will bring you the most of the profit. At the brink of 2017, we’ve gathered the most important trends for web design in 2017.  Get your free SEO report.

#1 Mobile-Friendly Websites as web designs trends 2017

Mobile-friendly approach to the websiеe design isn’t new at all. It has been used successfully throughout the 2016 and even a few years before. Yet, recently mobile phones have become officially named as the most used web-browsing devices. Thus, more and more companies realize the importance of mobile-friendly websites and stick to it.

First, the content is designed to fit on mobile screens and only after that it is worked out towards the devices with larger screens.

#2 Responsive Design

You may think at this point that we are trying to fool you. Obviously, neither mobile-friendly websites nor responsive design are new and have been around for a pretty long time. What we are trying to say here is that responsive design is going to take up the whole sphere of web design in Seattle and beyond.

The trick of responsive design is that the content is adjusted automatically to the type of device a person uses for web surfing. The main advantage for business owners, in that case, is that they don’t need several websites for various devices anymore. All they need is to develop a great site with the responsive design once and forget about all cross-device issues.

#3 Parallax and Innovative Scrolling

Scrolling is no longer a way of getting from the top to the bottom of the page. Today scrolling is a separate part of a web page design and it can bring a lot into the way of delivering content.

Once done well, scrolling will work great with both dynamic and static content. One of the brightest examples of mechanics for website scrolling is Parallax. This visual tool gives an amazing 3-D effect. The foreground moves faster than the background, creating the feeling of depth and dynamics.

#4 Focus On The Original Visual Content

With the wide use of UI patterns, most of the websites look structurally the same today. That’s why the great emphasis is put on the visual side of web design. This includes a number of components:

  • Stock media is no longer a thing. With sites being almost the same structurally, there is obviously no sense in using stock images, videos, and icons.
  • Original illustrations enter the scene. With thousands of illustrators available, there is no way to claim that you can’t get the original design for your website. A talented professional can create the visuals that will reflect your business idea in the best way.
  • Big and bold typography is now a thing.With high-resolution devices, the text becomes another important part of the visual image of the page. In combination with innovative scrolling, brand typography creates the whole new experience of web surfing.
  • Authentic photography is a viable option.If you are sure that some illustrations don’t suit your business for some reasons, always opt for professional photography. Brand new photos will always stand out among stock visuals.
  • Animation and video are in favor.Those types of visuals always capture the users’ attention and make them stay on the page for longer.
  • Courageous businesses use courageous colors.If you are not afraid of the risky decisions, it’s high time to reconsider the choice of colors for your brand. The web-safe color is not a choice for 2017. Maybe you need to be brave and go for over-saturation and vibrant hues?

If you want to get the best web design in Seattle, explore what is happening in the industry and think what can be improved so that 2017 will become the best year for your business.

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